It all started when...

I was just a little girl. Obviously I did all the things that most little girls do, standard rooting around in ladies makeup bags and caking myself in lipstick. But I also became obsessed with cutting out makeup articles from magazines and putting them in scrapbooks, I was making my own makeup manuals!

Sadly as I grew up my love for makeup and any real idea of what I wanted to do, got pushed to the side by ‘reality’, and after a brief stint at Beauty College ( which included some horrendous waxing experiences and a couple of dodgy full body massages ) I fell into a dreary life of jobs that I had zero interest in.

Luckily around 3 years ago I came to my senses and applied for a place at the multi-award winning School of Makeup in Stockport and completed a course in Bridal, Occasion and Editorial Makeup. During my time at the school I realised what I had known all along – That makeup was the only thing I truly wanted to do, and the rest, as they say is history.

Since then I have worked for Mac Cosmetics and Laura Mercier and am now completely freelance and working for myself. I am based near Leeds in Yorkshire but my work can take me all over the country. I spend my days helping people to look and feel beautiful, be it for a birthday or a graduation, a first date or a wedding day! I love every single second of what I do and I have no doubts that I always will.