Absolutely Flawless


As a Makeup Artist I would say the word that I hear more than any other is FLAWLESS.  Everybody wants to look flawless. We all see the hashtag and decide this is what we need to be and so the pursuit of flawlessness begins! But how do we get to that level ? What do we need to do ? 

The first thing we all do is go out and buy a load of makeup to help us achieve this near impossible task. Storming into every department store in a 20 mile radius determined that we are going to buy 3 products and look like a Victoria's secret supermodel! And it's not are bloody fault, pretty much every makeup product that is sold to us these days, is marketed to convince us that it can make us flawless. Foundations that will airbrush away lines and wrinkles, concealers that will eradicate bags and primers that will make your face look like it's filtered....But I know deep down that you as well as me, know that most of these claims are total trash. And that the truth is being flawless is something that is reserved for photoshop and social media only, because even supermodels have there down days. In short it's an unrealistic expectation and I urge you to abort this particular mission. You/We don't need that kind of bullshit pressure. Instead think about what you can do to look and feel the best that you can be. If part of you feeling good is how you look and how your makeup looks than your first port of call has to be your SKIN!

Your makeup will only ever look as good as your skin allows it to, and this is a FACT. If you want your eyes to shine brighter, your skin to glow,your lips to look plump and soft and your makeup to look as good as possible, than you need to concentrate more on what you are doing for your skin rather than what you are putting on it.

The first step is to identify what type of skin you have. The main types are Oily, dry, combination, dehydrated and normal (lucky buggers). If your not confident in making your own assessment then take the time to go to a skincare counter or shop and ask them for help. I know spending your hard earned cash on lotions and potions that seem to do nothing for the first couple of weeks is a hard pill to swallow. But in time if you invest in a good routine then you WILL see results, and ultimately you'll need to spend less money on makeup and you'll spend more time looking and feeling good in your own skin. Imagine waking up and liking what you see, surely that's something that you can't put a price on ?

Besides anything else I really enjoy going through my skincare routine on a morning and a night. It's a whole 10 minutes to myself where I really feel like I'm looking after myself. It's like a little mini pamper session twice a day. And don't worry, it doesn't have to cost the earth. I do believe that in most instances you get what you pay for,but if at the moment the most you do is moisture, then adding a cleanse/tone/exfoliate to your routine is going to make a big difference no matter how cheap the products are! Oh and don't forget to throw an SPF in there too, you'll reap the rewards later down the line!

Once you have your skincare routine nailed you can also start picking the right makeup for your face. I'm in the oily skin gang (which I've learned to love) but I've been there a million times on a night out when only a few short hours after getting ready my makeup is sliding onto the dancefloor because I've picked the wrong foundation or the wrong primer or the wrong powder. Back in the day it was pretty much all guess work, but now the world has gone makeup mad which has resulted in there being zillions of products out there for everybody. You just need to find out what your dealing with and get researching the products that are going to work best for you. It's as simple as this -

OPTION 1 - Click on google and type - The best foundation for.......and then enter your skin type and hey presto, tons of recommendations will appear. It really is as simple as that. And obviously it works the same for any other makeup product. Just make sure that your reading opinions and reviews from real people that aren't being sponsored rather than magazine articles....those things can't always be trusted

OPTION 2 - After spending most of your money on an amazing skincare routine you now barely feel the need to wear any makeup day to day and so can save your money and use it for having your makeup done on special occasions by your favourite Makeup Artist. Who has already done all of the research and bought all of the products for you.....I'd go for option 2 all day long haha!

I guess after all of the above babbling, what I'm trying to say is, let's be real about things. There are amazing products out there and believe me I love spending all of my money on them....but I an realistic about what they are going to do for me and my clients. They're going to help me look brighter and more glowy, they might cover the odd bag and correct my dark circles for a short amount of time, but I'm never going to be flawless because I'm a REAL living person with average genes and I'm totally at peace with that. But looking after your skin and buying the right makeup and applying it correctly will definitely make a huge difference to how you look and how you feel. Just please don't chase the dream of wanting to look like a cartoon. Embrace your face, flaws and all!

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