Beach Bride Makeup

As more and more people choose to spend their special day abroad, I receive lots of messages from brides who have decided to do their own wedding makeup. It can feel like quite a big responsibility and so I completely understand any nerves or worries. 

Due to demand I do offer a bespoke service for any ladies that are heading somewhere sunny to get married and more details of that can be found on the services section of my website. But I also wanted to write this blog full of tips and advice on how to achieve the perfect beach bride makeup look in the hope that once reading it, all of you dreamy ladies will feel a lot more confident about going it alone!

1. Preparation is the key people and when it comes to your face, it should start months before you even step foot on the plane. Make sure you get a good cleanse/moisturise routine on the go, and that you're drinking plenty of water. A couple of facials leading up to the wedding would make a big difference, but if that all sounds a bit high maintenance than a good exfoliate and a nice face mask will also help. 

2. Practice your makeup! Look on Pinterest, watch YouTube tutorials, book in with a makeup artist but most of all make sure that you practice your chosen look as much as you can in the run up to things. You will feel so much more confident if you've had a couple of bash’s at it.

3. Once you've reached your destination, DO NOT GET SUN BURNT! You getting mistaken for a tomato is not what we are aiming for lol.  And nobody wants to end up with the dreaded bikini strap tan lines, especially if your wearing a strapless dress - the shame!

4. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, lighting is key for when you are applying makeup! So when the day arrives make sure you get yourself set up near a window/ or on a balcony, basically anywhere that provides good natural light! If that's not possible then you need to get your hands on a SUPER bright light, possibly thing about packing one of those nifty illuminated makeup mirrors! I'm pretty sure that they do them in Boots.

5. Depending on what foundation you normally use, you might want to think about switching to an oil free foundation for the day. This will leave a matte finish and be longer lasting than a normal foundation. However if your not a fan of a matte finish then waterproof foundations are also a good choice, with Mac Face and Body being my all time fave! Make sure that once you've applied your foundation, to dust pressed or loose powder over any areas where you suffer from extra shine, for most this is the T-ZONE - Forehead, nose and chin! Lastly use a setting spray, my personal fave is Urban Decay All Nighter.

6. There is no place for heavy, cake like foundation/concealer in warmer climates. It will show on the photographs (not in a good way) and it will MELT. Use a lightweight primer as a base and then apply foundation sparingly with a damp beauty blender or sponge. You've gone all that way to glow in the sun like a total babe, don't dull yourself down.

7. I know EVERYBODY is obsessed with Highlighting and Contouring at the moment but the beauty of getting married in the sun means that you don't really need to bother with it as the light does it all for you. What a hero! Some nice blusher and a little highlighter that both contain ZERO glitter ( this is very important as we want you to glow not glitter) is all you will need! I love a cream blush as it looks so natural but it's whatever your most comfortable with.

8. As with any wedding anywhere, waterproof eye makeup is essential. I would stick with something nice and neutral on your eyes for daytime, browns/creams/rose gold/bronze all look amazing. And then if you want to smoke things up for night time you can add a nice smudged out liner - oh la la! When it comes to mascara stick with a waterproof formula, if you can't find one that you like then use your usual mazzy and add a waterproof topcoat like Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius or Nyx Proof It!

9. The very last thing you should do is your lips, and it's best to do them just before you head out of the door. I'm sure a few drinks will be consumed as your getting ready and any lippy you've already applied will disappear the same way as your champagne - very quickly! When it comes to colours I would pick one that is true to you, after all we do want you to look like you! So whatever you would normally wear, is the way you should go. Saying that if you are a huge fan of gloss than please take into consideration a possible sea breeze and of course the big KISS! Things could get very sticky!

10. Not that your all ready, put together a little touch up kit of concealer, powder and lippy to get you through the day. That is literally all you should need to freshen up your look. Oh and an eyeliner if your wanting to change things up a bit for the evening. Oh and give this little collection of miracle workers to one of your bridesmaids, today you have ZERO responsibilities. Inform her that if your face starts to alter, she and the bag of tricks must accompany you to the little girls room asap!

11. If all of the above seems too much and even a lesson won't do, than I am willing to consider all expenses paid, working trips to far off exotic places. I'm a good egg aren't I!

12. Have THE BEST DAY EVER!!! Yes I want you to feel beautiful and look the most amazing version of yourself that you possibly can, but remember that you are marrying a man who's more than likely seen you at your worst, and your doing it in front of friends and family who have loved you since day dot. They really don't care whether you went for crème cup or honey love on your lips. They are all there because they love you, and in they're eyes that alone makes you the most beautiful thing they have ever seen.