Highlighter Hall of Fame

Highlighter has taken over my life! I mean seriously, I buy one and then I want another straight away. I’m pretty confident that I’m not on my own with my obsession as it looks like the whole world has become addicted to glowing too.   

But it’s not just as simple as covering yourself in the pretty stuff and sashaying around like J.Lo. You to need find your highlighter personality! There’s the loud and proud approach, where anyone in the same room has to avoid looking straight at you . Or there is the more subtle, glowing from within look, where you only see the magic when you’re head tilts a certain way. Both looks are equally mesmerising!

To save you from spending your entire bank balance on trying to find the right one for you ( yes, I’m speaking from experience) I’ve put together a few of my favorites. 


Becca shimmering skin perfector pressed – Champagne Pop          

There is a reason this absolute beauty is the first one I've chosen to write about. It is without a shadow of a doubt the most versatile highlighter I have ever used. It’s a pressed powder but it’s so soft that it’s almost creamy and blends perfectly onto the skin. With an apricot-gold tone it suits pretty much everybody and is a must have if your wanting to create a glowy, lit from within finish to your makeup. This one is my queen!


Benefit Watts Up!

This highlighter has been around for yonks and for good reason. Its a creamy product so it’s easy to blend and the subtle champagne tone means that once again, it will suit most people. A Makeup artist friend of mine swears by this product and I’ve not seen many people with cheekbones that are highlighted as good as hers! As with all Benefit makeup the packaging is super cute, and 1 stick of this stuff will last you ages! 


Inglot Sparkling Dust

This dust is so highly pigmented that you can probably see it from space! Although mainly used to achieve the ultimate highlight it’s actually a multi-use product and can be used as an eye shadow, mixed with lip gloss, foundation or even nail varnish! The most magical thing about this product is that it provides a super intense glow without making you look like a disco ball! If you love a strong highlight then you NEED this in your life.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

This is another multi-use product that can be added to any liquid cosmetic or skincare product. When used alone as a highlighter it’s hard to beat. Its made using a high concentration of pearls so it’s all glow and no glitter which is what you want! Sometimes people aren’t as comfortable with using liquid highlighters but they do look amazing and are well worth taking the time to get used to.


The above are just a handful of highlighters out of hundreds that are available, but I've chosen them for my hall of fame as I would never be without them now. They have gained my trust by doing what they say they're going to do ( very rare) and so I know you won't be disappointed.