S.O.S - Save Our Skin

In recent years as we’ve become more and more obsessed with our image and looking younger than we are, our skin is getting a pretty rough ride. It’s not tanned enough, its not soft enough, it’s too spotty, it’s too dry, it’s too oily and god forbid it should show signs of aging, how dare it!

Back in the day the most extreme attempt at change, would have been a nice makeover or a super tight pony tail but now our poor skin is being pulled, pricked and pumped full of god knows what, all in an effort to look younger/perfect. Everywhere you look it is rammed down our throats that looking above the age of 30 is a crime worse than most, and so I completely understand why people go to such extremes, but that doesn’t mean I believe in it.

A few months ago someone (who shall remain nameless) suggested to me without any prompting at all, ‘that frown line on your forehead is really deep, a bit of Botox would sort it right out.’ Feeling a little shocked I explained that it was actually a scar from when I was completing a Thomas the Tank Engine jigsaw puzzle when I was little, I fell off of the bed and hit my head on a cupboard! Her response ‘ Ohhhhh well like I said, a little bit of Botox and it would be gone.’
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ????? Is it completely crazy that I would rather keep a scar and a daft story from my childhood rather than ironing it out with some polyfiller? Am I the weird one for not minding looking my age(by the way I’m 28)? I find it so extremely sad that we seem to live in a world, where people feel that they will be happier if they look younger and perfect. Perhaps the sickest part of the whole thing is that you’re being sold a lie, nothing will ever be enough because you can’t stop the process of aging. You will get older and your body, including your skin will change, no matter how many times you go under the knife or needle. But does that make you any less beautiful in the eyes of the people that care, the ones that actually matter ?

Working in the makeup industry I am surrounded by beautiful women, some literally take your breath away. And I’m not going to lie, when your stood there with your hair in a pineapple and a face that looks like a tired out tea-bag, you have to be made of tough stuff not to completely crumble and take out a million pound loan to have a total body swap. It’s not easy but you have to learn to admire other people’s beauty, whilst taking nothing away from your own. Once you’ve nailed that, you’re set for life!

I suggest that instead of wanting to look young, we all focus on looking GOOD!
• Drink more water
• Get more sleep
• Wear an SPF everyday
• Always take your makeup off before you go to bed! ( Even if you have had too many wines)

All of these things will have a huge impact your skin. None of them are an expensive, complicated 2-hour miracle cure, so I know it wont appeal to most, but like nearly everything else in the world, basics are always best.


If I’m lucky enough to grow old, the likelihood is that I will do all of the above and still end up looking like an old toad, because that is what is NATURAL! And I’m totally comfortable with that, because I know I will be a smiley old toad, with a good heart and a lot of stories to keep everybody laughing until the day I fall off my rocking chair! Not to mention my pension will have been spent on trips to Benidorm with the girls, rather than wasted on having my eyelids stapled to my forehead!

So please, give your skin a break and start showing it some loyalty, it’s doing a bloody good job holding everything together for you (do you get it haha) Treat it with care and give it what it needs and I promise it will do it’s best to look after you right back!


‘ If your not getting older, it means that you are dead. Aging is living’ - Cameron Diaz