Ten out of Ten for Tilbury



Having only just purchased my first Charlotte Tilbury products I think it’s safe to say that I’m extremely late to the party. And after being totally blown away by my new goodies I can confirm that there is nobody more upset about that fact that I am late than me. To be completely honest I have no idea why it has taken me so long to get involved in the CT hype, but I cannot change the past, only the future. And from this day onwards I vouch to be a super fan of the brand and of the flame haired beauty herself, because what she has created is nothing short of magic!


First things first (obviously) the packaging is to die for! I have no shame in admitting that I’ve kept the now empty boxes that everything came in. What I will do with them I have no idea but they’re just far too pretty to be chucked in the bin. And all of these gorgeous little boxes arrived in one big beautiful gift box that will also be being hoarded and used for something pointless! You also get lots of little samples if you order over a certain amount and this is where I fell in love!


You see as a rule I never use any of my own kit, at times it can be heartbreaking when something new and shiny gets purchased but it’s something that I’ve always stuck to. Samples however are completely different; they’re mine I tell you, ALL MINE haha and so when I received samples of the much loved Charlotte Tilbury skincare products with my order I was super SUPER giddy!


Skincare is my weakness, and something I’m becoming obsessed with as I get older. Makeup on myself is not something I’m really too fussed about, but show me a good moisturiser and my eyes light up. Saying that, up until this point I haven’t shelled out more than ten English pounds on any kind of cream, I’m a makeup artist after all, not a millionaire. For this reason I was hoping against hope not to fall in love with the Magic Cream OR the Multi- Miracle Glow cleanser balm and mask OR the Magic Night Cream moisturiser but alas I have fallen spectacularly and am completely hooked! Read on for more dreamy details, but be warned – you WILL want everything!


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

This moisturiser achieved cult status long before Charlotte even launched her own brand, as it was something she was using for years backstage on celebrities and supermodels and it’s no wonder it was such a hit. I have been using it every morning for a week and I can honestly say I can already see a difference. My skin looks less tired and it feels super soft to touch. I love the way the product feels on my skin too, it’s not something that you can describe really as it’s not sticky or wet and doesn’t leave a film or anything like that but even hours later your skin feels freshly moisturised. You only have to research the list of ingredients to see why it works so well. In short it really is MAGIC.


Multi Miracle Glow, Cleanser Balm and Mask

This one is my FAVE by a country mile! First of all it can be used in 3 ways – as a cleanser, a face mask and an SOS body balm. As a cleanser it really does remove every scrap of dirt and makeup from your face, you massage in and then wash off gently with warm water, simples. If I had a particularly heavy-duty face of makeup on then this cleanser would be my first port of call! As I don’t often wear makeup, I’ve been using this product more as an ‘overnight facial’ with amazing results! I put a thin layer on at night before bed and by the time I wake up the balm has completely soaked into my skin, leaving me with plumped up hydrated skin that feels SO soft. I really can’t recommend this product enough and it’s something that I will simply have to have in my skincare regime FOREVER. This product does exactly what it says on its beautiful jar, what a refreshing change from being fibbed too!


Magic Night Cream Moisturiser

I have to say that out of the 3 skincare products that I’ve tried so far, this had the least WOW factor for me. Although I think that’s a lot more to do with the fact that I was so amazed by the other two than for any other reason! As the rest of the collection, it is packed full of powerful ingredients to keep those damn lines at bay! In fairness it did make my skin feel great in the morning but I just couldn’t get past the stickiness of it. I don’t mind being able to feel product on my face at all, in fact I like to feel that there’s something there. But for me this was too much, my face literally stuck to anything it came into contact with – dog, pillow, boyfriend! I have no doubt at all that it does what it says, I just think it would be more suited to those that are dogless and sleep on their backs instead of their sides haha!


So as you can see, I am the latest member of the Charlotte Tilbury Fan Club and for good reason. As previously stated I'm not a millionaire just yet and before now I would never have dreamed of spending more than a few pounds on my own face. The odd time that I have ventured into the realms of double figures for a moisturiser I’ve been severely disappointed and felt completely conned. But I cant and don’t want to argue with the bold claims of the CT skin range because in my experience they are all true, which makes them worth every penny.  If you take your skin care seriously than I urge you to invest and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


In Charlotte Tilbury I Trust